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Damn that was good

I got out the ol’ wok and jet engine for some lunchtime stir fry. Veggies, stir-fried in a seasoned oil with hokkein noodles, a small bit of shredded rotisserie chicken, and some Saigon Sizzle Sauce. It came out very good. Wish I had remembered the water chestnuts while cooking! It was still fine without.

I’ve been doing a little more meal prep. Not going too crazy like I have in the past, but enough to get me through a few weeks between cooking some meals and reheating others.

Yesterday I cooked up a lasagne I had made a few weeks ago. It has giardinera pasta sauce (spicy!), olives, plant-based meatballs, peppers, ricotta, mushrooms and mozzarella. It made six reasonable portions so that will last a while.

I made up something different for the first time a while back and it turned out so good I made up more. I made some more taquitos with chicken, double-smoked cheddar and salsa. Yesterday I whipped up a breakfast version with a little bacon, some roasted bell peppers, seasoning, double-smoked cheddar and salsa. They are similar to those convenience store breakfast taquitos (which I love but shouldn’t have) but healthier and I know what’s in ‘em. I got about eight out of that batch with a little filling left for this morning’s croissant breakfast sandwich. It was delicious.


I was looking at the driveway/parking area that I removed all of the lumber from and it looks so much better now. I put the junk left into one spot and it is a much smaller pile for the dump. I can get what’s left there in two truckloads (a couch is big!)! In fact I will probably have room for hauling off more junk out of the basement.


Speaking of the basement, I discovered another rotted copper pipe I have to replace soon. The fun never ends. Even though it’s leaking at least the basement is finally staying mostly dry. It’s actually leaking right into the sump pump!

I have fixed and done a lot around here but there’s more to do. I got the saw in to get sharpened so I’ll pick it up Wednesday and hopefully get the trees down and some limbs trimmed off not long after that. It’s been too dry to burn the slash (in my opinion) but we have been getting some rain (with more on the way) so I feel like I can burn it soon.


It’s been a pretty nice day today but I am taking it slow. My shoulder still hurts pretty bad so I’m trying not to move it. I didn’t split that much firewood but after that I loaded up the truck three times to haul all that wood off. I hope it mellows out sometime soon.

I did get a few interior photos of the Rockwood, however.:

As you can see it is much roomier than the Scotty. I think the additional headroom really opens it up (a bright interior helps), but that extra six feet of trailer really is nice. Yeah, it may seem a bit overkill for a single person but that could change at some point. It does have everything I need and want for camping and the solar is an exciting upgrade that will really be nice for off-grid.

That’s all for this post. As always, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.


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