Sheesh; What Are the Odds?

As if riding a motorcycle isn’t dangerous enough (I know firsthand). This guy rode for miles at 65-70 MPH without his hands and leaned back like he was in a recliner.


Yesterday I was out and about and I saw a shirt on a woman that had me wondering about it. On the back, as she walked away, I caught the word “Craic” and I knew what that word was all about. You don’t hear that word here at all.

A few minutes later she came back and I saw on the front it was a t-shirt from Sean’s Bar in Ireland! I asked her if she had been there and she said her boss had brought the shirt back for her.

Seeing it brought back a lot of memories from the last trip to Europe in February 2020 when we went there for a pint, some live trad music, and some craic of our own.

Sean’s Bar – Athlone, Ireland

It was a fun night and we were definitely a bit slow to come to life the next morning!


That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for checking out my blog if you’re here for the first time. If not, thanks for coming back!


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