Travel Thoughts; Trailer Kitchen

I recently bought a couple of rice water shampoo bars to try. I wanted to check them out – not only for the rice water benefits for my hair, but also I wanted to finally try out a shampoo bar.

It’s just like rubbing a bar of soap on your head, and I lathered up my hands to fully wash my hair and scalp. The rice water left my hair soft and tangle-free. I have no complaints about the bars at all. A bit spendy, but natural ingredients.

It is definitely a winner for travel since it doesn’t count as a liquid. I am using my breathable soap bags to keep the shampoo bar in and a bar of soap is kept in another. No mess in the backpack.

Oddly, all of the travel “influencers” and travel articles on news aggregator websites (like MSN, Huffpost, etc.) rarely mention either of these things. These countless websites you have never heard of mostly talk about giant rolling bags for checked luggage and a bunch of other garbage you don’t need to waste money on or haul around. They are merely only clickbait to make ad money and have no real use or useful information.

Do yourself a favor – listen to real travel advice from real travel websites. Ignore the phony reviews on e-commerce websites and those pouty-lipped “influencers”; look for good, solid information that isn’t based on vanity. I looked at several articles, books, videos/channels. and websites for advice before my first trip to Europe, and ended up narrowing it down to only using a few good dedicated travel websites when trying to dial-in my travel gear and how I travel.

Also, spend a little extra and buy good-quality name-brand gear; you have to depend on things like your travel backpack straps not failing and your clothing to hold up. I spend a bit more money on good quality products and I take only what I need and will use. If I cannot justify using something after hauling it halfway around the world (or domestic, road trips, etc.) it stays home. I even went with AirPods Pro so I could leave my Bose ANC headphones behind. I don’t use headphones often as they are a pain since I wear hearing aids and AirPods are definitely not useful unless I take my hearing aids out.


In this blog I have sung the praises of my Cuisinart toaster oven in the past. I have used that appliance more than all of the other gadgets in my kitchen. It does so much and saves so much energy, but it is not feasible or necessary to take it along in the trailer. My trailer stove has an oven so I don’t really need to bring the toaster oven or my portable campstove/oven. Plus, I’ve got my single slice toaster in the cabinet. The only thing lacking in my traveling kitchen would be an air fryer.

Not no more!

A few weeks ago I got a mini-air fryer and it is about half the size of a normal one. It has no temperature control – only a timer – and it cooks food around 375-400° F. I got this particular one as it has rave reviews and they are so useful in the kitchen I had to have one for the trailer. I have not used it yet but I am certain it will see many vegetables to roast!

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