Finally! After Much Deliberation…

I did it. I finally got myself a new trailer. I picked it up today and brought it home a couple of hours ago. It sure looks nice in my driveway! It’s still pretty hard to believe!

I’ve been looking at different trailers and saw things I liked in many trailers and I saw things I didn’t care for. This one checks all the utilitarian boxes for me and a few extras in several categories. The storage is definitely better than the Scotty but it’s still not perfect. I can make it work much easier though. I have seen some hacks on these and a few looked useful for me. Others were not something I could use.

It’s a brand new 2023 Rockwood GeoPro 19BH. It’s a bit of a step up in many ways but with some modern conveniences. I’ve already been packing it up and getting it ready to go.

It’s a bunkhouse model, so it could sleep 5, The bottom bunk actually folds up for storage to put bigger things like bikes inside; the small door in the picture is for loading from outside.

It is a bit heavier than the Scotty – 700 lbs. – it it’s still light enough to be easy to tow. It pulls very nicely with my new equalizer hitch and I had a trailer brake controller installed in my truck.

It’s got two solar panels and capability for a third one. It’s still not enough to run the major things like the air conditioner but I’ll have lights, water pressure, and propane for the stove/oven! Front bedroom, dinette, 12v TV/entertainment center, Bluetooth control center that is a Wi-Fi booster, lighting & other controls. I am finally going to fire up my generator and I can haul it in the truck.

The bathroom has a household porcelain toilet instead of a plastic one. It has a shower & sink in a tub so it’s multipurpose. It also has an o utdoor shower and came with a Blackstone knockoff griddle that mounts on the side. Dual propane tanks as well.

It’s got much better ground clearance than the Scotty and is okay for off-pavement. The roof won’t get the hail damage with the stuff that’s on there. The sides are a composite material called Azdel.

Rockwoods are known for their better construction methods. Better insulation (good hot or cold), frame construction and materials, plywood decking…you get the idea.

I was looking at cheaper ones but for only a few thousand more I got a brand new high-quality trailer. I’m a firm believer in not cheaping out and buying good things that last. Knowing Rockwood’s reputation for quality and the ability to boondock comfortably I decided to up my game and treat myself big for the first time in a really long time.

My salesdude Kyle at Liberty RV in Liberty, MO was awesome. No pressure and was straightforward with me. I had done quite a bit of research and he pretty much verified things I had heard before. I felt he understood my needs and wants and didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t want.

Yeah, he looks like that…

So if you’re in need of a different RV and you are in (or, maybe, you want to be in) the area of Liberty RV ask for Kyle.

In closing, the Scotty will always have a place in my heart for many reasons; sentimental would be the biggest. It saved my ass more than once. Wish I’d had it when I slept in my car for a week!

I lived in it off and on the last several years and it took me away from the pain of losing my dad to Crater Lake and Mount Lassen. It made me think of my mom every time I went somewhere in it.

But things change and their spirits still go with me when and where I travel. I have a few mementoes from the Scotty to pay homage to my parents and those will go in the GeoPro.

Yeah, I’m pretty damn excited!

That’s it for now. Thanks for being along in my journey.


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