Puppies!; Trailer Organizing; Did He Really Say “Medieval”?

If you are needing a high-quality Australian Shepherd puppy, Saddle Peak Aussies still has a few left! And yes, they are adorable. It worked on me with Rider. Don’t believe me? Just look at the pictures on the website and try to say “no”. I dare ya.


As you can imagine, I have been busy putting gear into the trailer and getting things straightened out inside. There’s so much more room compared to the Scotty that I will probably have empty space left. I only take what I need and use, and with the Scotty being a small trailer I have gotten the minimalism down pretty good. Just because you have extra room in a trailer/RV doesn’t mean you have to fill it. It is unnecessary weight which means more fuel/money burned. And, it’s just more clutter. If anything add a little more food. That always comes in handy and you can eat it for extra room.

The empty space is also handy if anyone ever goes along with me someplace. If I have every storage spot filled and someone wants to go along then it means reorganizing to find a place for their stuff and then I gotta find a place for the stuff I have to move. It’s better to just leave it empty and ready as long as I have everything that I need.

I still cannot believe I have this trailer. The more I learn about it the more exciting it is. The solar panels will enable me to do more time boondocking in the woods without having any utilities, or a parking lot, rest area, or truck stop in a pinch. I still have more to learn about its capabilities as far as what I can and cannot run on the inverter, but at least it will power the 12v fridge. It’s odd that even with the solar it has dual propane tanks but that just adds to its versatility.

I am so excited and really looking forward to getting it out for an adventure!


It has been difficult to really get to dive in to the trailer since I have been dealing with the heat, storms, and having to mow grass, but I haven’t even had it a week yet. The grass is finally slowing down with the heat but it isn’t stopping it completely from growing. I have a lot of other things I am also trying to get done around the house; I am making some progress on that little by little.

The next big thing on my list is getting the junk to the dump. Again, it’s been way too hot. Taking down those trees and firewood splitting will probably be a Fall thing because of the heat and bugs, plus those really tall weeds in the way that are still dying off after I went medieval on their ass.


That’s it for this post. Thanks for reading my blog and go back to Day 1 and catch up on the last 11 years!


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