It’s the Weirdest Thing

Looking at trailers these past few weeks I have discovered something odd. Really odd. I couldn’t believe it actually.

The trailers I have looked at are all below sticker price, and some by a good amount. The for sale price is firm and I have seen prices 50% of the sticker price. Seriously, they are all marked down pretty good.

Wow…what a nice change! This is completely opposite of how horrible buying a car is. Whereas you go to a car dealer…well, we all know what painful & unnecessary bullshit that is so no need to wear it out.

Plus, the places I have looked at have prices that are inclusive of fees; I’m not sure if it’s taxes or not but no doc fees or other extraneous moneygrabs. When they give you a price they say that’s “out the door”.

It’s hard to think of making payments again. It’s been years since I have. Oddly enough, that “no installment payments” thing is actually hurting my good credit. That’s ridiculous to me. If you don’t have loans how can that be bad?!


Finally a few cooler days starting tomorrow. I mowed two hours this morning and shoulda stopped before I did. I started at 8 and it was hot & muggy already but I was able to get two hours in and got some grass mowed until I had to stop. I was pretty beat after that short time.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading my blog.


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