Oh Yeah!; Maybe?

Lamb kofta kebabs on the charcoal hibachi

Last night’s dinner was so good. I modified the recipe a touch for my own tastes by cutting back a little on the cinnamon and salt (that one’s for health). I neglected to go to the store for tomatoes and red onion but I had the rest of the fixings so I went with it but added some sun-dried tomatoes I remembered that I had. It was delicious.

It was hot AF grilling and I put it off as far as I could. Grilling at 8:18 PM it was a heat index of 98°F. Speaking of “F”, F this weather. This is ridiculous and next week is supposed to be worse with 112°F on Wednesday! And how about that potential issue with the ocean currents while Florida has 100°F water temperatures. That is pretty scary stuff tight there..


I have found a few trailers that I like so I may be making a move on that soon. I don’t want a big trailer and am focused more on what I can get by with as far as interior layout. Full-time bed, kitchen, bathroom/shower, and someplace to cook and eat. It’s nothing fancy and all I require. Anything else is a bonus.

I went to look at one today and it was already sold. I really hoped to be dragging that one back home but someone else beat me to it. I really liked it but I guess they liked it faster. It’s all good, as I did find another one or two I liked today along with two at another dealership.

So it’s decision time. One is a smaller one – but bigger than the Scotty – and weighs about the same. It has everything I need and want and is a used 2022. The smaller size will definitely save more fuel than the other three. It’s also the cheapest of the four.

The others have really nice modern off-grid features for just a few thousand more. Some of them use solar and some use little to no propane. One had an on-demand water heater. That’s a great feature.

As you can see, there’s a lot of features to sift through and some I do really like. But that all costs money. It’s really kind of surprising that the three lowest-priced trailers that I like are within a few thousand dollars of each other.

I really hope to get this done and off my plate soon, but I’m trying not to rush it. I’ll probably dream about it tonight.

Until next time…


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