Well Poop; Something Tasty to Try

I was really hoping to get the yard all mowed today, but I had to stop when the humidity started to rise; I couldn’t keep going. The grass pollens were off the charts and my eye are runny and swollen from allergies.

But while waiting for the grass to dry out some I did some more spraying (I did some yesterday). So far it’s looking promising; lots of wilted foliage and some of these plants are 10 FEET tall! I’m hitting the poison ivy with brush killer whenever I find it while mowing or spraying. It needs something stronger than the weed killer for the yard. It should look quite different in a few days.

I ended up with only a small portion of the front yard left to mow. Looking stormy at the moment so I’m hoping it is all loose and no rain. I’d like to finish this one last section. The rains started and the winds were howling. I saw one branch fall from wind as I looked out the window.

Admittedly, I mow the grass short because I hate mowing grass. I don’t know…maybe getting an electric/battery mower would be better and certainly less polluting. But I’d still hate mowing grass. It’d be nice though – pop in my AirPod Pros and actually hear music while mowing.

Until then it still needs mowed so I hope to do that tomorrow if it dries out enough.


I got a few items at the store today that are very delicious. There’s one item from Aldi and if you are lucky enough to have an Aldi near you you gotta try it. Two things came from the outlet store I go to.

The first item is Aldi’s Double-Smoked Cheddar, and it is really some very good cheese. Trust me on this. Very smoky and it’s a mild white cheddar. I love Gouda cheese (Trader Joe’s has Gouda slices that are delicious). This is absolutely one of my new favorite cheeses. I put it on fish tacos and it was so good. It would have been even better with crema and the cheddar. Really good in the occasional breakfast burrito too especially with that peri peri sauce.

I don’t think this is seasonal but I should ask about it to be sure. I might have to grab extras if it’s not a regular item.

The other place is a closeout store I get some interesting spices mixes along with a few regular groceries. There’s always something interesting and the prices are cheap.

One is Rummo Gluten-Free Pasta. It’s probably the best GF pasta I have ever eaten, with great quality and fantastic texture. It’s not mushy or gooey and it reheats nicely. If you’re looking for a good GF pasta look for this one. I scored a couple bags of fusili today. I’m really not a rigatoni person but I got one of those too.

No…it’s not expired

The other thing I got was this real Italian lemon juice:

I put this in my water bottle today and wow…that tastes unlike any lemon I have ever had. Amazing flavor and it oddly has some full body. I do not like sour, but this was delicious and refreshing in a water bottle. I believe this might be those famous Amalfi Coast lemons they make limoncello out of. Give this type of Italian lemon juice a try and you’ll see how remarkable it tastes. Glad I got two bottles!

That’s all for now.


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