Busy; Oh, HAIL No; Knee; Food


I decided to try the knee by climbing on the ladder and I did okay. A bit uneasy but safe enough to get a few things done. I’ve been getting a couple of things taken care of around the house. I got two light fixtures installed and I have two more fixtures left to do. As an added bonus, there’s also a new plumbing leak to fix.

I also got the truck in for an oil change and the trailer came along for two new tires. The truck was finished up first so I went back to the house to kill some time & get lunch while waiting for the trailer to be done. After lunch I installed a towel bar in the master bath before heading back to pick up the trailer.

With new tires I feel much better about pulling the trailer on the highway. My old tires were near the end of their life, which is about seven years, and needed to be replaced. The new tires ride and handle much better and they are a little more heavy duty. I don’t want to have another blowout while going down the road.


The weather has been pretty unsettled the past few days and will be the rest of the week. The storm we had a few weeks ago brought hail and that’s never good on vehicles. Yesterday I was finally able to get on a ladder to see the hail damage to the roof of my trailer. It beat it up pretty good, the front part of the roof looks like it was shot with a shotgun. Little dents and little silver spots marking where the white paint used to be.

My poppies are in bloom


I finally gave in and made an appointment next week to get my knee looked at. This nonsense has been going on long enough so I’ll hopefully have an answer and a solution to the problem.


It was roasted carrots and grilled shrimp for supper today. It was quite tasty and a nice change of pace. I am still doing a lot of cooking and enjoying every minute of doing it. It’s so rewarding to make up a delicious, nutritious meal at home and it’s not that difficult to do.

The next few days I am going to try out a few more new recipes I picked up ingredients for and I am also going to make a couple of old favorites.


Todays post is a wrap. Thanks for reading.


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