I’m So Ready

I have been watching a few RV/travel trailer videos lately. I do this every once in a while to see if there’s any new ideas out there for things to use for traveling or perhaps some interesting upgrades.

As I watch these videos, I do find a few new clever & useful tips and ideas as well as getting even more wound up to travel. They are finding things for storage and organizing at dollar stores and the Swedish place that sells those delicious meatballs with lingonberries.

I have bought a few things at these places and found them handy, but I did find a few more things in the videos that I need to consider picking up. As one person put it, IKEA is a store made just for simple living in small spaces. My trailer is only 15 feet long so that is definitely a small space!

With my disdain for shopping I have not really browsed in these places to find these usable items. I am a get-in-and-get-what-I-need shopper but apparently I need to slow down and browse a bit more. Now that I have seen these ideas I will shop a little more and maybe find something else I can make use of.

I have been thinking about the rear dinette/bed issue in my trailer and I just cannot commit to cutting storage access and leaving the bed set up full-time. It’s a nice option to have that rear dinette and there’s plenty of room for stretching out and watching a movie or looking at a map. Or, if there’s company the extra room would be nice.

Another reason is a bit more personal. As long-time readers know, before my mom died from cancer she wanted me to have the trailer to use and travel all over. I have spent a lot of time in it and gone thousands of miles all over the western half of the United States & the western provinces of Canada with the trailer.

It’s really hard for me to think of “defacing” the trailer by making those radical modifications. Yeah I have made some changes – like the electric water heater upgrade and changing to LED lighting – but those things were done as improvements to be more efficient and conserve energy. My mom just loved the trailer as it was when they bought it new.


That’s all for now.


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