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A few days back I decided to go downstairs to check on the basement during the rains to see if the basement was still dry. It was good to find a basement that is still dry.

However…I found a different issue. There is no drain in the basement – only a pit in the floor for a sump pump. It’s fairly common given the age of the house. The pit usually has a small amount of water in it from the dehumidifier running in the basement; when it gets up below the top the pump kicks on automatically and pumps the water outside through a pipe.

I looked down to check the water level and found water up to the top and the pump humming but not working. I’m glad the pump didn’t cause a fire and I’m also glad I caught the problems before it potentially turned really bad.

It took some work but I finally got a warranty replacement so all is well again. The new one is working as expected and it’s better to have it and not need it…



I did cook a pizza in the Ooni last weekend and it turned out good. Fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, Kalmata olives, and a splash of two different olive oils.

I do have to try to make my own pizza dough, though. Some of the store-bought dough just doesn’t turn out very well for me and I’m following the directions. I have the stuff to make it (and pasta!) so maybe I’ll do that soon.


Over the weekend I reorganized the living room to try to make it more usable. It’s not an easy room to place furniture and the TV but I think I finally found a good way to arrange things.

I also moved some things around in the garage and started organizing the workbench but it has a long way to go to get it how I want. I got the old sofa out to the driveway. That freed up a ton of real estate inside so I was able to spread some things out and think about what needs done.

I’m trying to get all my trailer gear in one spot in the garage. I almost have enough room to do that but I think I need to go through my containers and thin out some stuff that I can get by with not having on vacations. Mostly it’s stuff that I was carrying around for bigger repairs as I was moving place to place, like rubber trim, caulk gun and sealant, and grease gun.


So I’ve been busy the last few days. Weather is getting nicer and I’m getting more motivated to do things.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!


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