Oh Man, Cooking

Lamb kofta on the coals

Hibachi? Check. Lump charcoal? Check. Lighter? Check. Skewers and lamb mixture? Check and check. Appetite? CHECK!

Today’s lunch turned out quite good for my first attempt at something like this. Lots of spices I have never used before went into this recipe but they certainly will be used again! I got eight kebabs out of the lb. of lamb, and total salt was a teaspoon for the entire recipe which is only 288mg each for my 8 servings. As one who limits daily sodium to no more than 1500mg this is a fairly decent meal. The lamb went on a pita with tomato, feta and tzatziki.

…and on a platter

I’m really liking this hibachi cooking. It cooks fast and adds “that” flavor. Been a long while since I fired it up and it sure won’t be so long next time. It will be handy for doing some small bites skewers like pieces of chicken.

The lamb was locally & compassionately raised, very good quality, and very delicious (thank you, my little wooly friend). It’s what I got at the local farm store nearby that is run by a young couple who have also been getting noticed quite a bit for their outstanding farming ethics.

It’s sometimes hard to find Greek/Mediterranean food; it isn’t in every other storefront like those chain coffee places. Now that I can make this dish I think I need to figure out how to do a shawarma; I love me some döner kebabs!


Tonight I finished up Season 2 of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” as I ate my pasta with a toasted ciabatta with garlic butter & fresh mozzarella. That seemed an appropriate meal for my television viewing.

Watching both seasons this past week really got my cooking interest fired back up. I really enjoyed making (and eating) the kebabs yesterday & today. I am looking forward to making some wood-fired pizza this weekend. I need to start looking at the next few dishes I want and to make & eat; gotta get to the store for supplies!

The freezer is getting emptied out so within the next week there won’t be much left in there to heat up so sharpen those knives – it’s time to cook!


That’s all the excitement for today. Thanks for stopping by.


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