Wait…It’s Not Sunday, Cooking

Was awake for a few hours and I found out today is Saturday and not Sunday. That was certainly a surprise since I only had two glasses of wine last night.

I made up a slow cooker of vegan chili a few days ago and it turned out pretty good. I ended up with about six meals and that should get me through the cold weather. I had a vegan chili veggie burger for dinner today. I usually don’t fix chili unless it’s winter; for me it’s more of a hearty, cold weather food.

I have the ingredients for another pan of lasagna but I’m going to make it a bit differently this time. I’m going to use a smaller baking pan and make up a couple of different kinds for something different.

While the oven’s hot from that I’m thinking I should probably just go right ahead and bake some oat bars for a healthy snack. I also have an Irish soda bread mix if I really want to go crazy.

I’m thinking this week will be a good time for some grilling, and maybe even fire up the pizza oven. It will be decent weather and it will be nice to cook outdoors.

Speaking of pizza, I saw an article that explained the difference between pizza sauce and pasta sauce. I always assumed they were interchangeable but there’s a huge difference between them. That difference makes sense since if they actually were the same one of the two wouldn’t exist and it might just be called “sauce”.

Pasta sauce is already cooked, as it’s added towards the end of the cooking. Pizza sauce is uncooked and goes on a pie beforehand so it cooks on the pizza in the oven. It’s all about food physics and the mingling of flavors. Now you know.

That concludes today’s episode.

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