Questions?, Parades, Two Years

In my blog I always do my best to mention the places I visit, giving details and adding clickable links. If you are interested in more info about anything in my blog please drop me a message and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

I saw some of the KC Chief’s Super Bowl parade on TV. Mainly I had it on as background noise while doing other things; not much of a sports person myself. Congratulations to the Chiefs.

Seeing the parade winding through the downtown streets brought back some very early childhood memories…

One big thing in Kansas City is the American Royal, which is a prominent livestock event that has been going on for a long, long time and still does to this day. That history was reflected even in the old crown holiday decorations I mentioned in a previous post that used to span the intersections downtown. I don’t know for certain, but Hallmark – the card company that’s KC-based – use a crown as their logo; perhaps that originated with “The Royal” as it’s called.

Livestock is a big part of the KC history for not only the American Royal, but there used to be a huge stockyard in the West Bottoms by Kemper Arena, the old-school Golden Ox restaurant and rail yards conveniently located nearby.

My Grandpa on my dad’s side was a maintenance man in a bank building on Baltimore (it’s now the library from what I can figure out from the information I can find). I remember visiting him at work, and I was always excited because I also got to operate the old manual elevator he used to access different floors behind the scenes to fix whatever needed fixing. It was also very cool to be deep inside of that historic old building.

To open the American Royal back in those days there was always a big parade to kick it off. The bank building my Grandpa worked in was along the American Royal parade route and I remember going to his building a few times to watch the parade from the upper floors. A pretty cool experience.

It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago on Valentine’s Day I had a heart attack and was being rushed to an ER in an ambulance. It’s all still so unreal and I’m so very fortunate. I’ll always be grateful for those who took care of me and gave me support.

That’s all for today’s post.

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