Working Outdoors, Processed Foods & Cancer, Running Errands in KC, Food Truck

Liberty Memorial Tower – part of the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO

I took advantage of some decent weather last weekend to fix the holes in the house the birds were getting into. I have been keeping an eye on the time of day when they return and I got them blocked off before the birds returned. I know this because I saw them fly back in early evening and they were surprised the doors were slammed shut. They tried repeatedly but have given up trying to fly up and into the holes.

I also did some things around the yard. I restacked & consolidated the firewood pile again. I got the old pallets picked up and tossed on the junk pile so that area is looking better each time. At some point I’ll have to rent a wood splitter to split the blocked wood that is already cut up. There’s probably more than enough wood to get through the end of next season.

It is supposed to be nice a few days and then a chance of rain and then some more damn snow. It’s really hampering my clean-up efforts since I cannot pull a trailer around because of the mud.

I saw a rather scary article about cancer rates and the shitty over-processed foods and eating habits so prevalent in this country. It is really worth a read and should be pause for serious thought and a change in eating habits. The cancer stats compared to how much of your diet is garbage food was astounding. It is no wonder people have the health issues they are having.

A few days ago I got out and about, heading to the city to get another pair of Levi’s, a stop at Browne’s Irish Marketplace to pick up a few things and explore around the city a little bit. I had hoped to get out and get some walking in and snapping a few pictures but it was not very warm out. I’ll go back another time to do that so it was time to go and find some new food to try.

The picture above was taken at Liberty Memorial looking north. The iconic pictures of Kansas City you may have seen with Union Station in the foreground are usually taken from a viewpoint on the north side of the tower.

I was trying to figure out someplace new to eat and ended up getting food at a food truck called Mido’s Halal Mediterranean Grill. I got a mixed (lamb/chicken) gyro/wrap, a side of falafel, and a baklava. I got into the falafel on the way home – my first time trying falafel. An order is four pieces; I ate two and decided to wait on the rest until I had my gyro.

The feta on the gyro was outstanding, the meat was seasoned perfectly and the veggies were fresh. The falafel were really good, and the baklava was not as sweet or sticky as others I have had – a welcomed change. I thought the price was very reasonable especially for the quality of the food. I got very full after the gyro and had to eat the other falafel and the baklava later.

That’s all for now.

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