Busy…Both Inside & Outside the House, Heavy Machinery, Animals

Been rather busy the past few days. Getting quite a bit more accomplished!

Before the rain last Friday I got some more of the yard cleaned up, cutting out brush and making more piles to pick up. I figured it’s best to make the most of a trailer if I’m gonna rent one for a day so I’m cutting out as much brush as possible. I can finish it up and haul the little stuff with my truck afterwards.

After that was over I widened out the mowed area another ten feet on each side of the yard while mulching leaves. There were too many leaves and it would’ve killed the lawn so I waited until the wind made some piles close to the house and then mulched the piles. I should probably do more to help the yard a bit.

I’ve been moving furniture around again the last few days. I was finally able to wrassle the old couch out of the house and into the garage to make some room. It’s heading to the dump along with some bags of garbage in the aforementioned trailer. It was heavy and awkward, and if it were another five pounds heavier I couldn’t have moved it by myself.

I’ve been going through old magazines then boxing them up for recycling. My older travel info is going to be recycled or donated – whichever is better. The information in my guidebooks is definitely outdated now, but there’s still plenty of other good information for those who like to dream.

I’m cleaning the windows inside & out while the weather is decent. I am almost done with that line on the list; just a couple left to clean after I move some things to clear a spot to work. The screens are full-length screens; cleaning the outside glass won’t last very long but it looks so much better and it’s making a huge difference inside for as long as it lasts.

Plus, I’ve been cooking. I put together eight breakfast burritos and four breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. They can be eaten for any meal and are loaded with veggies; like a Denver omelette burrito or sandwich. We have some cold weather moving through for a few days later this week so I’ll be hitting the grocery store for supplies and doing more cooking while taking advantage of the heat from the oven to warm the house a little bit. Time to stock up a bit.

Making decent progress getting things done and it’s looking so much better around here. It’s a hell of a lot of work, though, with so much more to do. The landscape fix is going to be a lot of work. I’ll have to rent an excavator for that at some point, but it’ll be expensive so I’ll have to have my work area ready to go. I have experience operating that type of equipment so that saves money AND it’s fun!

The yard has been busy with animals. The squirrels are running around all over the place, getting ready for winter. Yesterday a hawk sat in a tree eating a rodent, and today four deer ran through the back yard.

That’s about it for this update. Enjoy the day!

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