So, There I Was…Minding My Own Business…, Beautiful Weather, Things to Do…Well…Maybe Later, I Want/Need to Travel

I was in the garage repairing a toolbox handle, using the tailgate of my truck as a handy workbench. I had the garage door open on this beautiful day to enjoy the weather. I needed the rivet gun so I walked around the truck to get it and all of a sudden something flew in my mouth.

I was trying to get it out of my mouth fast but it had a grip on my tastebuds. I’m not really sure what transpired, but I think during the excitement it pooped on my tongue because all of a sudden it tasted a bit, um…“different”. That’s when I reached in and grabbed the culprit with my fingers. Ended up it was a ladybug. And then it few away.

I really don’t appreciate my mouth getting pooped in at all. I guess at least it wasn’t a spider in my mouth…or there’d have been two of us pooping.

A balmy 78° F here today. I should have been outside doing some work around the yard but I was not feeling that energetic today. But, at least I WAS outside doing nothing! I ran errands this morning so that was it for me. I was spent. Hahaha.

The leaves have really been falling but there’s still a few hanging on like a bug on a tastebud. There’s not very many left. If I get motivated enough I MIGHT chop ‘em up with the mower, but we’ll see. I have other priorities first.

A big priority while the weather is nice is getting the brush piles moved. They are scattered around the yard and need to go away very soon. I figure with this weather I can get it done easily if I go rent a trailer to haul most, if not all of it, back by the pond for bunny habitat. I guess that’d be “rabbittat”, huh? Then I’ll load the trailer before I return it and make a dump run on the way back to drop it off. It’ll be a busy 24 hours but it’ll accomplish quite a bit., especially since it is 12 feet long and my truck bed is only 5.5 feet. Work smart, not hard.

I’ve been hitting the travel shows again. Damn, I gotta stop doing that! I do need a vacation. I wish I could go somewhere right now but I can’t, plus I want to go when the weather is better. I’ve been to Europe in Jan/Feb and it was cold and windy. Still so much fun, but cold and some of the fiercest winds I have ever been in. Things were closed I wanted to see so I need a different time of year.

Well it’s now officially tomorrow so I am calling it a day. Enjoy your day

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