C-c-c-cold Weather, Cooking, My Arm is Sore…Again, Pipes

My plants are dead. The freezing weather – in the low 20s F – was just too much for their little systems to bear. Let’s hope it took care of the chiggers, too, do SOME good comes of it. But, it’s back to mid-80s on Friday.

I got a bunch of peppers picked so I saved some of the harvest. Mostly it was the Primero red Habaneros, but I got a few bell peppers and another Orange Blaze. I did get them in the ground pretty late or they would have been about done by now and I woulda had a good harvest. Oh well, next year I’ll plant them earlier.

I think tomorrow I’ll be doing a little kitchening. Need to make raspberry oat bars, salsa, and maybe cook up a few more things the next few days. It’s almost chili season so I gotta see how healthy I can get a batch made up when winter is really here.

Today I got the things out of the trailer that would freeze, like canned stuff and cooking & cleaning supplies. I opened up the drains on the water system and also emptied the gray water tank. I think it’s pretty well winterized for now. I still need to blow the lines out with air and that will be it, but with this weather coming up it’s looking like I don’t really need to hurry.

I can still “dry camp” in it – not use any of the water system (the trailer is basically a comfy metal tent when dry camping), but that means public bathrooms. I have done that before and it was still fun. I am definitely not using a public shower but I could use a public bathroom if I decided to go camp someplace and carry a jug of water to cook and clean up with. I could always use the water system but it’d need to be winterized each time it has the potential to freeze; that’s really not too big of a hassle in exchange for traveling and i have done it more than once before.

I got my ‘rona booster today and got my flu shot two weeks ago so I am good on that for this year. Arm is pretty sore and I’ve been tired all day, which is the usual for me. I’m glad to finally get that out of the way. I had trouble finding anyplace that had the Moderna booster, but finally did and got it taken care of today. I’m sticking with it since it has covered me so far!

I think I am going to have another look at my plumbing project tomorrow. I was going over it in my head and I am going yo look at re-routing the pipe to a more direct route it will make it easier and maybe save a little money.

That’s all the energy I can muster for now…

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