Moving Slow, Frosty the Plant Killer, Warming Up, Yard Work, Plumbing

Dragging badly this morning. It happened with the other ‘rona shots I have had so it’s no real surprise. Had a hard time getting going this morning but it got a little bit better around 4:00. Good thing there’s been nothing real pressing to do.

Well, what didn’t die from yesterday’s cold and frost was most certainly done in this morning. It was 21° F this morning at 06:30 and quite frosty.

Any tomatoes and peppers on the dead plants are just mush after freezing. It’s going to be nice the next several days so I’ll be cleaning the dead plants out and I think I’m gonna compost them on the ground with some of the leaves just to mix it up; not raking the yard.

This morning I got a little motivation so I diced and froze the green peppers I grew then made some brownies. I got over it and sat back down.

Late afternoon it warmed up to nearly 60° F so I got outside, played Frisbee with the dogs, then got the blower out to clear out a bunch of leaves. There’s three mulberry trees right over the sidewalk and between the wind and freeze the whole area was covered.

I also got the last of some thorny bushes removed and the area cleared out. It looks so much better and the area is more usable now. The firewood pile is still a wreck but instead of moving and stacking it I’m just gonna burn it. Seems silly to move it just to burn it.

I was going to burn all the brush I have piled up but I think I’m going to rent a trailer to haul it back in the field to make habitat for animals. Then I’ll load it up with trash and haul it to the transfer station.

Since it’s so horribly dry I don’t think they’ll issue me a burn permit to deal with the brush piles but something needs to be done with them. I don’t mind a fire to sit around, but burning this much brush is a lot of pollution. Habitat seems a much better use.

I scoped out my plumbing project again and I’m unfortunately going to have to replace it with the same layout. I wanted to change it but I am not sure it will drain correctly if I do, then I’d have to just redo it and spend more money. There’s a lot that could be replay but I’m just fixing the leaks right now.

Not much energy left after the stuff I did, but it was good to at least get something done today. I’ll be back at it tomorrow hopefully, getting more of this fiasco under control as much as I can.

That’s all for this early post.

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