Eyes in the Dark, Stick Insects, and Some Termites as an Added Bonus. Okay, Why Not a Few Black Ants, Too?

I mentioned in the previous post about my granddaughter having a camp out with her friends in the back yard.

What I forgot to mention was that they brought the pop up out after dark the night before. I thought I’d go out one more time to look the spot over and do one last check for loose branches that could fall.

So, I grabbed my trusty Black Diamond headlamp and went out into the darkness. Looking around the yard with my headlamp there were weird reflections. I thought it was dew but the grass was dry so it wasn’t dew. I walked over towards one of these reflections and it was an enormous spider. BIG. And it’s giant body had giant eyes. Oh, and let’s not forget mentioning it having baby spiders all over it’s body. Creepy stuff, man.

Funny note: I. Really. Don’t. Like. Spiders.

They have a purpose and I usually leave them alone…unless they’re in the house. That I just can’t take.

Those reflective eyes were everywhere I turned my headlamp to, and when I’d walk towards them they’d scurry aboot in the grass. We didn’t tell the girls so as to not scare the bejesus out of them. It was creepy as heck.

Another weird thing earlier today was I saw three different stick insects. Some may call them “walking sticks”. usually I don’t see that many in a year. One was crawling up the bird bath, then one was crawling on my phone sitting on the railing, and Meghan found one in the driveway.

I split a few blocks of wood as I needed and found a few surprises inside the wood. Lots of termites in some, and some had these giant black ants. I think they are carpenter ants. The wood is pretty eaten up inside by both. I split it and it goes inside right into the fire, being very careful to not drop any bugs any closer to the house. I try to not split more than I need to for that reason too.

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