Bugs & Leaves & Working Outside & Plumbing & Airline Miles

This little guy decided to kick back on this rock to try and get spider webs off his front legs; he’s actually sitting down. I watched him back up and position his little bug ass against that raised part to keep him from sliding.

The leaves and the temps are both falling, but the leaves have really started to pick up the pace. Last week I decided the A/C is done for the year so on went the cover after hosing the cooling fins out. I’ll have to dig the grass out of it from mowing, but it can wait until next spring. That will save quite a bit of money.

But it certainly has been nice to be able to be outside doing stuff. I know the dogs are thinking the same thing. Problem is the things they want to do involve me so I can’t do other things, but that’s okay. They don’t really ask for that much, but they give so much in return.

I dug up more bricks I found and there’s even more to go so I think I’ll use them up and not worry about putting a cap on the fire ring. I have more important things to buy. Like plumbing supplies for repairs.

Looking at it I’m not sure why it was plumbed the way it was. The copper I understand that; it’s how it was done 50 years ago. Just some of the ways the plumbing was routed is what makes me scratch my melon.

I’m so surprised by the fact that copper pipes corrode and get soft. It’s is actually squishy on the bottom of the pipe and that’s how the holes formed. but, the pipes are 50+ years old. I now see why they use plastic pipes instead of metal.

It’s not going to be too difficult to replace from what I see, and after talking with a plumbing expert at Home Depot I think I can adapt new plastic pipe into the old copper system without an issue.

I found a dual faucet downstairs to replace the two single faucets in one of the sinks. They went to a dual faucet for a reason; the old way is useless. I want water coming out of one faucet and not two separate ones so I can adjust the temperature easily.

A few days back I discovered that Alaska Airlines is revamping their Mileage Plan. What it means is the mileage will devalue most likely, so I’m gonna need to get moving and figure out how to use my miles pretty quickly. Before I had mentioned using miles for domestic flights but I may need to rethink that so I have the time to use them. The official release comes out in November or so and takes effect in March I believe so timing is crucial.

We’ll see where I end up with a ticket (or tickets) to. That’s something to look forward to. I have a lot of miles so I don’t want to lose out on any value.

Probably should call it a night. Until next time!

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