Frosty! Peppers! And More Peppers! Housework and Work Around the House! A Drive! Scaredy-dogs!

I woke up yesterday morning to frost on the ground. So far it looks as though it wasn’t a hard frost; my garden appears to have lived to see another day.

I was not expecting frost or I would’ve covered my plants up. The tomatoes are slow in ripening but the peppers are finally changing from green to yellow/orange/red. I discovered that all of my habaneros are the Primero Red variety and they have less heat than a regular habanero.

I used one along with some of my tomatoes, some onion, lime juice and cilantro paste to make up some salsa. I have to say it turned out pretty good and I know what’s in it and it’s healthy. Had a couple of hot scoops, though! I did not roast the habanero but I will next time. It adds so much flavor.

I’ve been slicing my sweet peppers, freezing them spread out on a tray, then bagging and throwing in the freezer for later. I have been using them to make omelettes and toss into pasta with olive oils and other goodies.

Yesterday was a deep clean day for the bathrooms and the rest of the house was vacuumed and straightened. I’m trying to get in a regular routine of doing it on every Friday and leave my weekends free but I was working in the basement doing other things this past Friday so it got pushed.

I’ll be getting the plumbing parts and hopefully get the new plumbing done on Wednesday. It’s plumbing so you never know how it’s going to go. At least that’s my experience.

I took a drive today to go to my daughter’s house and went through some areas I have not been in a long time. The changes are just incredible. So many new things and so many changes, but it’s not surprising given the fact that the areas were always ripe for development; it just took a while longer than I expected.

I took the dogs out a few minutes ago and they saw/heard something in the shadows of this bright moonlit night. Rumor barked and Rider was at attention, but when I said “let’s go in the house” they quickly headed for the exits.

That’s all for tonight.

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