Well That’s Certainly a Drag

It’s looking like coffee and I are not going to be friends again unless I go decaf.

I’ll see how the next few days go, but it’s not looking good. The last two days – the morning after I had coffee – my blood pressure has spiked. I know it’s not my diet (as I am really watching that as always) and I have also been more active lately. Some of it could be my back and neck pain, but it wasn’t this high until I had coffee again. Frustrating and disappointing. Oh well, I know my health is what I need to prioritize.

I’ll lay off the coffee the next few days and see if it drops back down and then try decaf. I drink it for the taste and not the buzz but I was also trying to get some heath benefits. High BP is certainly not a health benefit. And, in reality it is technically only “elevated”. Treating it as “high” gives me even more motivation to do what needs done.

But, I DID get my fire ring partially put together.

I say “partially” because after getting it put together and looking at it I have decided I need to put some flat stones on top to tie it together for strength. I got all the bricks from the yard so those were free, and the capstones will be pretty cheap (I was looking this morning). Since I have a rebate coupon at Menard’s I can get them about 50-70% off using that.

I think I will also add a few bricks inside to be able to place a grate on them for doing some grilling/cooking if I wanted to use it for that. Might as well use it for cooking as well as recreation. I’ll devise some way of adjusting the grate up and down. I’ve seen lots of interesting adjustable grate ideas in campgrounds the past several years so I am sure that I can figure out something.

They keep revising the low for Saturday, and it keeps heading downwards. It was 39, then 36, now 34; that’s dangerously close to freezing. I’d hate to lose my garden but it’s how it goes. I can ripen things off the vine using a few methods. This is the first time I’ve ever grown peppers of any sort so it is a learning curve for me on that.

Got a good score at the local Wally World today. I like the vegan “Chik’n” sandwiches made by Gardein. I think they have some really good meatless products. I was grabbing veggie burgers and I saw the sign. These sandwiches are four to a box, regularly around $5-6 or so. They had them on clearance for $1.43. I bought all eight boxes they had. There’s two meals’ worth in a box for me and they don’t take up very much freezer space – especially in the trailer.

The Joi cashew milk base is pretty good. Just add a spoonful or two to a cup of water and blend. No refrigeration necessary. It makes a lot of cashew milk from this one jar and I’m not wasting food. This will be so handy in the trailer; right there with my PB2.

That’s all for now.

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