July 6th, 2022

As I drove along yesterday, pulling an open trailer with a dog kennel/crate strapped on top, I just couldn’t help but wonder just how many people looked to see if a dog was in it (Rider was inside the truck with me).

After that I saw a man, wearing what appeared to be a white sleeveless undershirt and white boxers, trying to figure out how to fix his broken 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass alongside a busy interstate highway. I guess a guy has to stay cool even if it means fixing your car on the interstate in your dainty underthings.

Oppressive. That was the key word yesterday and today. At 9:00 last night the “comfort” index said it was 91! As I write this at nearly 11:00 at night the comfort index is still 88. That’s just ridiculous.

Got my tomatoes and peppers fertilized, watered and mulched today. It’s just too hot to do much but it’s going to start getting cooler at night. Yesterday was busy in the heat so I took the day off today.

I did put together a few more things for the freezer this afternoon as well. I have actually prepared several things and the freezer is well-stocked so I can probably slow down on it a bit. I want to make some bean & cheese burritos and that’s going to be plenty for now as I also want to cook some things fresh for dinner. With everything in the freezer I’ll be set for a bit.

Last night I started bingeing “Seinfeld”, seasons 1&2 again and finished them up tonight with the story of how it all started on Disc 4. What a clever well-written show and one of the best shows ever on TV.

I had a lousy night’s sleep last night so I’m off to bed. See ya next time!

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