December 8th, 2021

It’s been a busy day today.

And the weather has been garbage. Cold, fierce winds coming in with a few sprinkles. The high today was 46, but I never felt that. It was easily in the 30s most of the day with the winds.

I got up after a decent night’s sleep for a change. It was so relaxing to NOT have to drive today. The only reason I needed to get out and about right away was to go get some blood taken for labs. It is usually busy so I wanted to get there as the vampires awakened and not have to wait.

I then went to the storage unit here and unloaded the truck. I kind of did a quick inventory to find a few things then went back to kill time at the hotel room, staying until checkout (a rarity for me).

Since I was getting into my Airbnb today I went to the store to get a few groceries after I left the hotel. I am excited – no hotel for a few days, and it is my first Airbnb rental. When we stayed in them over in Europe my daughters rented those. I think I just may need to do this when I am not camping and stay out of the hotels. It just involves planning. You KNOW how much I love to do that…

Next, I went to see my doctor over this stuff that is attacking me. I have had more than enough of this nonsense. I wanted to make sure all was fine given the issues I had. Just to eliminate the possibility of it, I got a ‘rona test but she said she firmly believes it will come back negative. After that test result we will figure out what is next plus she will decide on giving me my ‘rona booster.

This means the main appointment I actually came back for that was set for tomorrow I had to reschedule. I want to err on the side of caution for the safety of others. I personally am not worried about the ‘rona, but I would feel really bad if I got someone else sick with what I have at the moment. That being said, I also cannot visit any of my friends that I wanted to see.

So, the trip is kind of a mixed bag. I really don’t have bad adventures; just some are better than others. I mean, how can you have an adventure that is completely and totally horrible? Yeah, it IS possible you could end up in a Turkish prison by no fault of your own, but more than likely it won’t happen. For a few nights I am staying in this great Airbnb, my first, with a nice view of the mountains. I got to get on the road for a bit, got to look at some scenery, and I AM still getting to see my doctor for labs and my cold.

It’s all good.

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