December 7th, 2021

So much for an early start.

I woke up this morning and took a look outside. Thick fog makes for hazardous driving, and there may be snow on my route westbound. Add to that the fact that being farther north the days are much shorter. It all added up to pulling back on my plans to leave and relaxing a bit.

But, even with that I still got on the road before 9:00 and got all the way to my destination, albeit a little later than I had hoped.

And this wasn’t the worst part

There was a little precipitation in spots most of the way today, and some spots had some fog that was pretty dense in some parts. It did look pretty though.

Around the notoriously nasty-in-winter Snoqualmie Pass it was about the same as what I had seen the rest of the trip; no snow. I don’t know if the slopes are even open – it is really bad. I don’t recall ever seeing conditions this bad over a trip and I just went across the western half of the country. I don’t know WTF else it will take to convince the stupid that science is real.

Snoqualmie Pass

It was a decent drive all told. It was a relief knowing that I was almost done driving for a few days once I crossed the Columbia River into Washington. Being sick has not helped, but it coulda been worse. The weather was close a few times, and from what I am seeing the return trip may be challenging.

That’s it for now.

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