November 24th, 2021

As I sit here typing up this post, I hear the gentle tapping of rain on the trailer. I hear two different noises – one, the tapping on the metal roof when the drops are big enough; the other, the percussive sound of any drops that hit the plastic vent cover, the sound getting me ready for bed.

Of course it could also be the six glasses of wine.

The showers are to continue through the night and are a starting to get heavier. Tomorrow is gonna be pretty cold for here. Luckily, I just hooked up my full propane bottle so I will stay plenty warm. I will have to go get the other one filled next week so I am prepared for the next cold spell. I usually use the electric heater to just take the edge off the cold, then have the furnace kick in when that cannot keep up. It helps save propane and electricity by doing that.

Today my new storage bins showed up so I got them all packed and organized in the cabinet. While packing I have come to realize that I have way too many pairs of pants in my wardrobe. But, I was able to empty out the suitcase and still have room. However, I will be culling my wardrobe a little and making room for other things. I think a couple pairs of cargo pants will go in my travel pack. They are comfy and very handy to wear on a plane.

I think I will be buying some merino wool and getting my shirt wardrobe slimmed down. I will be picking up a few merino shirts to wear. I can use them every day no matter where I am so there’s no need to buy some just for travel. We’ll see how that goes for a bit then buy some more if it works out.

It is nice to not be living out of a suitcase. It adds just a little bit of normalcy to things. My clothes are all inside the trailer finally and it is so much more convenient. I still have to figure out keeping my dirty laundry someplace, but maybe I can get that figured out whenever I can store or get rid of some clothes. I do have a spot under the bed I could use and that may just be what I end up doing after I get a few things out of there.

So, I can now put the suitcase and clothes basket into storage; both are sitting in the back seat of my truck. That will really free up some real estate in there so the dog will be happy about that! I still have to be careful about weight in the trailer and how it is distributed but I am always very conscious of that and try to keep the trailer weight as low as is possible.

That is about it for now. The rain is putting me into a stupor. Or, maybe it is the six glasses of wine. For those of you who might be reading this post in the US, enjoy your holiday. For the rest, enjoy your day.

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