November 21st, 2021

After talking with Meghan about my bed making my back hurt, it made me realize even more about a few things I have thought about altering inside the trailer but never changed with regards to my bed and storage.

My back has been killing me and I haven’t been sleeping very good. It’s partly because the foam in the cushions has broken down. It is bound to happen since the trailer is 14 years old now. I have been researching upholstery shops, and will still need to for the front dinette cushions, but she suggested putting a regular mattress on the bed since I usually leave it that way anyhoo.

I had thought a little about it but last year I used the dinette during the day and the bed at night. Needless to say it was actually a hassle, but really I like the extra room. It’s a real pain to find a place to put everything – either the cushions or the bedding – depending on if it’s a bed or a dinette; it already has one in the front and it’s all I need. I always thought of it as an odd layout, but I guess it does offer some versatility.

So, tomorrow I will be going and looking at mattresses – one that I can get in the door and maneuvered into place. I really hope I can find a nice one to help my backaches that isn’t too expensive. I can put all the cushions into storage and it’s taken care of, and honestly it may be cheaper to buy a mattress than have all those cushions re-done. That also means my back will hopefully feel better and I can really get some good sleep.

Another thing I will do is take out the mattresses for the overhead cabinet that converts into a bunk and put those into storage as well. It’s not like I will have more than two people in here and that bunk will probably never be used. I am going to look for some storage bins to put clothes and some groceries in to keep things organized in that space instead. That also means I can get rid of my suitcase, saving even more space. I can even use one of the bins to put dirty clothes in and the clothes basket can be gone! Tomorrow is gonna be exciting!

I guess I just kinda left a few, but not all, of the things in the trailer the way my parents had them and never really thought about it. But, I have actually been staying in it quite a bit the last few years and I think these changes need to happen after doing this as much as I have been. Part of it may be somewhat influenced by my backpack travels and trying to organize my pack better and more efficiently. Since it is only me I can make some changes more suited to my needs, yet there is still room to change a few things back if necessary if my situation changes.

We will see what I can dig up tomorrow and get this taken care of. It’s something to do that will also help out with making life better in the trailer.

That’s all for today.

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