November 22nd, 2021

This morning I looked at some more fabric storage bins online. I was hoping to get out to look at and buy some today but there was almost nothing available anywhere so I had to order them online. I thought about waiting but since there are supply chain issues I went ahead and ordered them and they will be here Wednesday.

It will be really nice to make sense of that cabinet space and get it organized for real this time. I have done it before, but it was not done like it needed to be. I tried to get the bin sizes figured out where they will fit pretty snug and not slide around too much going down the road but still do what I needed to do. I think it will work out about perfect. Better that than all the stuff in the cabinet sliding around loose I guess.

After that, I went out and got my new mattress. I am really looking forward to a great night’s sleep tonight. I thought about it a bit more and getting the cushions re-done with new foam they would not be as comfortable as a cheap mattress. Even Meghan said that it would probably cost as much and I thought that too. I actually ended up getting a pretty decent name brand memory-foam mattress at Costco at a great price – MUCH lower than I anticipated.

After getting it unwrapped to set up and having the bed made, of course I had to lie down on it for a minute and I think it will work just fine. Very comfortable. Now, I just need new some sheets that are the right size and I am good to go. I should have done this long ago. Oh well…it’s done now!

I went to pick up dinner at a local Latin American restaurant tonight and it was pretty good. They make food from about 10 different countries and they have a lot of variety. I got two chorizo street tacos, plus a Cubano sandwich. I also got an appetizer for us to share called Queso Loco – cheeses melted with grilled shrimp, chicken and beef. That was served with paper-thin tortilla chips – the thinnest and tastiest chips I have ever had. It was very good but one dish I ordered I will not get again. It was called tostones – smashed, fried plantains with beans, pico, cojita cheese and sour cream. It’s not that it was bad; it was okay, but we tried it and that was enough. Interestingly, another appetizer I wanted to get to try was fried yuca but, as is becoming more common, he said they are having supply issues. This was my splurge meal for a week or two, and well worth it. I even got a cocktail to go – a vodka drink called “Fruity Pebbles”. Shut up and quit laughing. It was a fruit punch kind of drink and quite refreshing; Absolut vodka, orange juice, strawberry syrup, Sprite over ice. Then we did a few moonshine shots for dessert so all is well.

Tomorrow it’s roadtrip time. Not a far one though. The backpack gets returned while I have to be out and about. I am taking the money from that return and getting an Ooni wood pellet pizza oven. They are having a great sale right now and I have been wanting one. It will be great for travel. When I had pizza from one of these ovens at my friend’s house it was just delicious, and it’s incredible to have pizza like that in about 90 seconds.

I can make my own wood-fired pizzas and make them as healthy as I can, plus it can be used to cook many other things. It has an app that has dough recipes and there’s a calculator for making it. I could even make up some actual baking recipes from the book to put in a cast iron skillet and bake it in there. It will be great for grilling vegetables in the cast iron with nothing but olive oil, then putting them on a pizza! Wood-fired pizzas are next level and if you have never had one you are really missing out. Even the Neapolitan pizza with it’s mere four toppings – olive oil, tomatoes/sauce, basil, real mozzarella – tastes amazing if there’s woodsmoke and a char on it (and has actually become my favorite pizza).

So there’s a few of the things going on in my world today.

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