July 26th, 2021

My new truck!

It’s hot & humid AF. I have not been in this kind of weather for many years and it blows as much as I remember…if not more. Luckily they have a kick-ass air conditioner. It’s been hot in the middle of the day and into early evening. Wednesday they are saying heat index of 103. Stop it I say!

The place they bought has a garden already planted with a couple of things – tomatoes, zucchini, purple green beans, cucumbers, and something else I’m not sure of but it’s either another type of squash or maybe gourds. They don’t eat tomatoes so I’m gonna be getting my fill of them and that’s awesome. I don’t have to buy any of those horrid hothouse tomatoes plus there’s enough to get me by and more. I just have to keep stuff watered to keep them going.

I took a look around and saw some blackberry bushes, honeysuckle, and wild grapes. I also saw some sour grass – a type of clover that is edible. It has medicinal and culinary uses. Unfortunately, there’s also poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac everywhere and in amongst the good stuff.

I did a curbside run for groceries in my new truck this morning. It’s a nice truck and has more options than my Avalanche simply because of it being 15 years newer. It will take some getting used to all the new things I don’t currently have in the Avalanche but it won’t be a problem! Built-in WiFi, wireless phone charger, killer stereo, Apple CarPlay, heated steering wheel, heated/cooled leather seats…the list of goodies is long. Plus it’s much quieter inside.

Tonight I made my chicken caprese ciabatta for dinner. I haven’t made it in a few weeks and it was so delicious. I usually grill the chicken at home but they don’t have a grill yet so I browned it up in a skillet in a little olive oil. I like the flavors either way but grilled is a little healthier even though I toss it in a bowl with a little olive oil and spices before grilling.

I’m glad to get my groceries picked up and get back into my diet. Kind of a guilt trip not being able to eat my normal way. I’m not getting way out of line with anything but I’ve worked hard to get this far and I don’t want to mess it up.

There are things I have really gotten used to eating, like my overnight oats, dates, fruits, pitas , guacamole…and many other things. I eat a variety of things and I am used to knowing how much of what I can eat and be well within my diet parameters. I was able to stock up well today but it’s always a concern going to a different place.

Anyhoo I’m off to bed. It’s visions of oats & berries for breakfast dancing in my head.

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