June 15th, 2018

It’s been a busy few days so this weekend of mine was a working one. I had to run errands and get some things done but I think going forward I will be able to get things out of the way during the week and free up my weekends. I have a few long weekends coming up and it will be plenty of time to go places a bit farther away. I already have some destination ideas but I won’t really know until I get there – my usual modus operandi. Besides, I never put it on here ahead of time anyway!

Yesterday I ran around and finally bought a grill. I was really undecided on which one but I got a portable stainless steel one like the type they usually put on the stern of bigger boats. It can be used as a table-top model so I can use it in the backyard or take it on trips. It will be handy for when you cannot light charcoal due to restrictions. It is so much cleaner and easier too. I am sure I will be trying it out probably tomorrow  in the backyard. I’ll light it and let the new burn off of it so I don’t ruin my food or get poisoned.

The weather here was beautiful today and it is supposed to be quite nice for the next week or so. I think a road trip may be in order, possibly even next weekend.

Last night I finally got the new taillights installed on the trailer. The weather held out so I was able to get them on and weathertight (well, in theory at least). The sealant has cured and any potential leaks from them should not be an issue. It is street-legal once again so I can now get it out on my weekends.

I have not seen any more evidence of leaks so I am really happy about that. There was quite a bit of work that went into finding and then fixing all of the potential areas of leaking. All the clearance lights had to be sealed. The only major necessary repair now is the shower pan; the inner fender is still needing some repair but it can get by for a bit longer. I still want to take the windows out (and probably the door at some point) to reseal them but I believe that I am gonna need some help putting the two halves back on the trailer. The window next to the door I can do by myself and would be a good one to practice on. Any possible places for window leaks I sealed up last year so they can still go for a while before they must be pulled out and sealed. I also want to paint the metal on the frame.

The shower pan is still the highest priority of anything major and it will be the next big project. I want to get out in the trailer for a few trips now, and especially before I really dive into that repair. It’s been nearly a year since I took a trip in it and I told myself that I was going to get out in it much more this year. I had to fix the things I kept finding so that was keeping me from going much.

Today I had to do some more running. I came home and did some cooking and rearranging, moving my desktop Mac to the table next to my recliner. I will still use it for some recording but it can sit back in the shadows so I can get my food processor and InstantPot out and usable. I’m using the MacBook now for everyday things.

Tonight I tried out a new recipe I found – mini-lasagnes made from wonton wrappers. I only made 12 for now, but before I knew what happened I had eaten eight of the damn things (I haven’t eaten much today). It is nothing really special or fancy, but they are good and would go over well at a party or fun having kids make. They are made in a standard-size muffin tin. One COULD say that it is kind of like a tiny dinner…or perhaps a giant appetizer. I think next time I would cut back half on the ricotta though. It was a bit too overpowering. I have the remaining four and I will see how re-heatable they are tomorrow night. I have plenty of wonton wrappers left so if they reheat well I will just make up the rest and freeze them along with the leftover sauce.

My weekend went by way too fast this week. My new plan of keeping my weekends free started last week. I mowed the grass after work one night and I still need to go out and trim a little more. Some exercise along with accomplishing stuff and freeing up the weekends. There should be little else to do this week except to clean up some work mess in the trailer from the repairs I have done. I can toss a few groceries in it and shouldn’t need much else.

A bit easier than the old car-camping days!

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