March 22nd, 2018

I made it to Loran and Meghan’s in Montana yesterday after spending the night in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Ahh…finally a day spent without moving my things or driving for several hours. A slack day.

We did do some running to get groceries, see the new house they just bought, and take care of a few other things close to their current house. Important things like getting a taco burger from Taco John’s.

I got a late start heading out of town on Tuesday so I drove halfway and called it good at about 8:30 PM. I had to wrap up a few things before I could leave Washington and it ended up taking quite a bit longer than I thought it would. It was good to stop and it felt great to get some much-needed rest, though.

I have been trying to slow down on the marathon drives the last few years. With my semi-retired work schedule I can do that and I am glad I have the ability to do that. I would rather drive until late afternoon/early evening and have time to relax and eat at a decent time. It is hard for me to not do that since I just want to get someplace and have the drive behind me.

But for now I am in Montana for a yet-undetermined length of stay. The weather is starting to look a bit sketchy so I have to watch that pretty closely with a start date for my new job coming up soon. There are a couple of mountain passes on I-90 I need to pay particularly close attention to. We’ll be able to move a few boxes over to their new house the next few days before that wetter weather moves in.

I still have some stuff to arrange and put away in my cabin in order to make room for the bed I am bringing back from here. There may be a few other things coming back with me as well but I have to think about the room I have available in the cabin. It is a smaller space and I want to not make it feel or be cluttered.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy what is basically my last two weeks off before work starts over for me again.


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