March 28th, 2018

Well, my Montana trip is drawing to a close along with my time off. Tomorrow night it is off to a hotel in a different city to attend an event Friday morning, then I start the day-long trek home. I was hoping to drive it straight through but I don’t know if I will or not since I will be getting a late start. I am not much on driving in the dark these days (especially with the animals on the roadways at night), and as I mentioned in my last post I’d rather stop for the night on longer trips. I definitely hope to at least get into Washington on the way back so the rest of the trip will go quicker.

The weather has held out for us so far, and it looks like the trip home should be fine (the sound of knocking on wood…) from what I can see. The drive across eastern WA is somewhat tedious and similar to western KS except fewer towns.

It has been busy the last few weeks between moving my stuff then helping Loran and Meghan move some of their things here to the new house. I have gotten some pretty good exercise over the last couple of months between that and the Europe adventure where we walked our asses off! It will help to get me back into the busy work season a little easier. I just need to keep it up.

This may end up being another long season. I am not sure if it will be yet but I hope to find that out in the next few weeks after I start the new job. They may not know yet but we’ll see. I think there is a good chance it could go longer. That would cut into my time off but that is fine. I will still be off a few months if it does go long, or I will be off longer if it doesn’t. It’s a win for me either way.

It has been a great start to 2018, though…I got to work and make some money unexpectedly, there was the trip to Europe in January and February, I moved to a new place for a new job over the last few weekends, and I am writing this while in Montana! I’d say for being only three months in it’s been a pretty good start to what will be a great year with a new beginning.

And Meghan found a missing earring of mine from my last visit here so now I am back to ten!


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