March 18th, 2018

Finally the move is over. I am exhausted and quite a few dollars poorer with the travel costs of making so many trips. It is nice to be done and I have almost everything put away. The storage unit is almost as full as it can be for the time being. I will go back over to it soon and try to straighten it out a little more and see what I can get rid of. I already got rid of a few things today.

Friday actually did end up being my last day staying in the apartment and it was for the best. I left here this morning around 5:45 to go back to the storage unit and then over to the apartment. My neighbor and her boyfriend helped me finish loading the trailer this morning and she helped me clean some stuff after he left. She bought my dining room table so I knocked a few more bucks off of it for her help. Their assistance really made a difference and I was even able to get the trailer back a little early.

It’s nice to finally be kicking back. It has been a l-o-n-g weekend. I am glad I went over this morning and didn’t go back over to stay the night last night. I was up early yesterday too and I slept pretty soundly last night. All in all the move went just as I planned and everything fell into place just fine. I still need to get my TV out of the truck but it is gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I cannot move another inch.

I met a few of my neighbors today and they knew all about me already. On one side I have a neighbors that own a restaurant, and two doors the other way is another restaurant owner! Guess I know which two local places I’m eating at first!

I have gotten quite a bit of exercise the last few weekends with the move and that is always a good thing. I really haven’t eaten much the last three days either. Tomorrow is a going to be a slower but still busy day. Gotta go pick up my new glasses and set up a new P.O. Box. I need to put the last few things away (and the TV don’t need to go with me on my road trip). I am taking off to MT sometime this week but I need to get some things done here first. A day recuperating is well-deserved in my opinion.

On the way out of town I need to close out my P.O. Box from the apartment, and I should arrive at my fave-o-rite taco place. What a horrible coincidence! I just might stop for a huckleberry shake at St. Regis this time too. I haven’t gotten one for quite some time. Maybe I can find some new foodie joints on my way.

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