March 16th, 2018

Last night was probably my last night in the apartment. I am not 100% sure but I am about 99% positive that’s what I am thinking. I have been pondering the thought of going over to get the Scotty and bring it back here to the cabin, then picking up the U-Haul late and going back to the apartment to stay tomorrow night. I think I’ll just stay here at the cabin and get up early Sunday to go get both the storage unit and apartment cleaned out. I will be done.

I have had the luxury of being able to move around and live in different places and different situations since September of 2012 – just after Labor Day (look back at Day One in the blog!). The cabin is the twelfth place I have lived the last five and a half years, and in nine of those places since 2014. I cannot keep trackof it and had to write it down in case I need it.

It was interesting to live in a city “downtown” area where my apartment was. I have never done it and I liked it (and being able to walk around the great European cities we visited had that same feeling). I enjoyed that small-town-downtown vibe and the convenience was real…convenient. It was friendly but had it’s share of problems like most everywhere nowadays. It felt old and dingy since, well, it WAS old and dingy. But it wasn’t horrible and if I thought it was I would not have taken it to begin with . I am in a neighborhood now and it seems fairly quiet. It is so nice that I can keep the Scotty here with me. I need to do some work on it and have it ready to go when I want to take off on an adventure after work, which I plan on doing more often this summer.

I did not get around to re-sealing the windows last year so that will be a good weekend project at some point when I can have some help – it’ll take one on the inside of the trailer and one on the outside putting the screws back in after cleaning and a new bead of caulking. I have a new stove vent for the outside and another new LED porch light to install. There is a crack in the shower and there’s the inner fender from the blowout in Utah last year I patched (but will get it into a shop for that too). I did get those LED lights installed and the water filler for the on-board tank replaced. I re-did the sealant under the clearance lights for those leaks I had. I added the electric water tank element and it’s now a choice between gas or electric. So I HAVE gotten some things done to it, but the shower is now the bigger priority. I will take it to a shop to have that done. I’m not real interested in taking the bathroom or the fender apart. There just happens to be the shop around the corner so that will be my first stop for an estimate.

It’s all really exciting, this next adventure.

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