December 20th, 2017

Well, my time off was cut a little short, but I am good with making a few more dollars this year. I got the call a couple of days  and now have a few more days before the end of the month to work after all. I’ll be covering for some vacation time people are taking for the holidays. Money always comes in quite handy.

Not too much has happened since I got back from Montana. The office party was fun and the dessert I made seemed to go over fine. I kept my “willpower forcefield” in place and didn’t bring home the leftovers. Damn shame, I say. I had a piece or two and it did turn out good for a first attempt. It is difficult to have willpower during the holidays, but I have been doing okay with it this year despite all the goodies that have been around me.

All of our major pre-trip to-dos are now taken care of for Europe. The last two things we needed to reserve are complete – the rest of the trip after these things will be winging it, ending up wherever we go. My kinda travel. It will all make more sense to those reading this blog once we go and I start doing blog entries while there.

I did have to get some new headphones for the trip and I found a sale on a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 25 headphones for $120 0ff. They do sound good, and they will block out airplane noise so hopefully that will make it easier to sleep on the plane while traveling. I have been loading up the iPad with movies and am going to look into getting some travel guides on it as well. I have been debating the paper vs. digital format, but am leaning towards the digital version just for the ease.

I am not a big fan of headphones, and I never have been. I just would rather listen to it loud, heavy, and unencumbered – totally immersed in the experience. On the plane that is frowned upon (I would imagine) so they will take care of that problem. Plus, my old headphones I used for recording fell apart during one of my many moves over the last five years. I hope to get some recording equipment set up and start writing and recording music again, and that is about all I used my headphones for.




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