November 21st, 2017


I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night. Too fired up about the big adventure, I suppose. It is going to be such a great trip. We’re as giddy as a couple of teenagers, and that’s been LONG out of practice for the both of us.

Of course I have been thinking of all the things there are to see there and we’ll see as much as we can reasonably see at a nice pace. I’m sure once we go it will be hard to leave some areas. Other areas may be hard to see (WWII places and memorials) but must be seen.

Today we started getting hotels booked for the start of our trip and for when we get back. I got us set up with two nights in the Seattle area. We’ll spend a long day and a half of the next checking out some things around Seattle and eating some great food, then it’s on the plane…eastbound and down. And, of course, a trip to Jollibee in the mix too! A great way to start a vacation!

Next up, though, is Montana so I have that high up on my priority list. We need some good weather around the first of the month so I can get there bot as safe and as fast as possible. Plus, there’s huckleberry shakes on the way.

I will be keeping the blog updated as much as possible while across the pond. With the abundance of wifi nowadays I would think it shouldn’t be a problem. I WILL say that it will not be interfering with or taking priority over seeing and doing things.

That IS, after all,  the whole purpose of being there.


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