November 24th, 2017

It’s a long week this week – working six days, then only one more day next weekend for now. It all I know of for definite work days.

We got a few more things taken care of over the last few days for the big trip. No it’s not really planning, either. We decided that we are gonna end up where we end up.  Ahhh…my kind of travelin’!

I will get the last night’s hotel in Europe booked in the next day or two and that should be the last of the hotel reservations that have to be made (only out of necessity). I also need to start working on getting a couple of travel accessories. I already ordered one thing and have a couple more items I want to get. I’m looking into any vaccines I need to get, if any.

The first stop is for a few days where we land so we can rest up and sightsee after a long flight and a major time change. Then, it’s on the train…or maybe even another plane for a short hop. After that we have a date and time we need to be at the airport to leave. In between it’s nothing but a blank sheet of paper, and we’ve got the fat crayons!

I am sure that I’ll be updating the blog when I am there, but it may not be often or right away. It will depend on connectivity, which is not a real high priority. I am going to check into taking and using my phone over there. We do not want to be out of contact in case of an emergency either there or here. It would also be nice to have my photos geotagged with their location.

Not much more to add. Hope I can finally get some sleep tonight.

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