Another Checkmark on The Ol’ Bucket List!

Well, the “substantial” event I blogged about has finally taken place.

I got a plane ticket to Europe just now! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and now it finally gets to happen. And yes…I am REALLY excited!

My friend Jim and I are going and we have talked about this for several years now. We have known each other for a long time (40+ years or so) and we are both into history. I have a feeling we will probably be able to find some history over there and we are looking forward to seeing the places we have only seen on TV and in magazines. And no, we have no real plans yet…and may not. We’ll be looking into trains to get around to different countries but we are going to go for quality and not quantity. I plan on going back again and I am sure he will too so we can catch other countries upon returning. He is friends with many people online over there and he is going to check with them to get some ideas on out of the way things to see and do. And what about all the new food experiences!!! I am planning on trying all sorts of new things to eat while there.

He’s coming up here to Seattle so we can fly over together. He is going to come up a day or two early and I’ll show him around the area since he has never been here. It will be fun even before we leave!

That’s all the news I have to share at the moment. We are both so stoked it may be hard to sleep tonight!



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