Friday. Oh Yeah.

Today went fast and I was ready for the weekend. Getting quite anxious to be off work for the year, but I’ll settle for only working a day or two a week right now. Next week is the last full week I’ll be in at work this season and after that I won’t get but a few days in and that’ll be it. Next week is a busy week with the holiday plus I am working Saturday as well.

I’ll definitely need to get out often and be as active as I can when I am off. I’m on a quest to lose some weight and being active is certainly is part of it. I’m considering taking up yoga so I need to look into that. Some people at work go weekly but I need to find out where they go. It’s a bit of a drive, though, and with winter coming on I am not wanting to drive in that stuff. I hope to find one closer. I will look it up online to get a bet idea of what to expect. My Apple Watch is still a useful tool to help motivate my health goals.

The time has finally come. I am getting ready to do something substantial and exciting in the next day or two, but I am not saying on here what it is quite yet. Been thinking about it a lot lately and I’m about to make it happen by Sunday.

I think if I go anyplace of any real distance this weekend I will finally ride the bus and give it a try. I have a few errands to run so it’s gonna be a little busy. Laundry, storage unit run, go to the trailer and do a few things…I don’t have too many more pressing things to do other than packing for MT. Week after Thanksgiving I have a few doctor appointments to get to and I’ll get a flu shot and anything else that needs done. Unfortunately there’s no massage until late next month.

I’m putting a good dent into my frozen leftovers and they are just as good as before. I froze enough different things to have a variety so that really helps keep it from getting boring. Not eating out too much since I have so much here to eat and it’s really saving me some money. I want to get through these groceries so I can start eating some better stuff. Not everything I have in the kitchen is unhealthy but I can do better and healthier.


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