November 15th, 2017

It looks like I will have work through most of this month as of right now, but it may even go a little into December. My actual season end has been changing and moved a little here and there due to things needing done that are popping up. I just don’t really know but I don’t mind at the moment. Had a few big bills come up that I had to pay and the extra coin is sure a welcome sight in the bank account! I have to head off to Montana very soon so that is a limiting factor.

I tried something new for food tonight. I bought this frozen dinner bag to try at the store a few days ago and it was tasty. It is Bartolli Chicken Florentine with Farfalle and it actually ended up being quite similar to something I already make. The frozen one has spinach and parmesan in it and mine doesn’t. I make chicken Italian sausage in olive oil and fresh garlic with farfalle and it usually turns out pretty good. The frozen one was pretty good and better than what I expected and I recommend giving it a try. I do like my homemade dish a little better (it’s fresher), but the frozen one gave me some good ideas about adding a few things to mine.

I’ve been thinking about going someplace again this weekend. I am really trying to hold off until the week after Thanksgiving so I can go someplace for a few days, work a day or two, then take off east, but last weekend’s getaway was rather nice and I could use it again (yeah, I know… it’s not even been a week). It’s a bit of a bummer that I couldn’t get the Scotty out for one more trip this year but I plan on doing better next year. Everyday while headed to work I have to drive past my trailer, sitting there all alone in the storage lot, all covered up, so cold and dark…so…stationary…

Looking like it’s shaping up to be a repeat of last winter here in Washington. Rain and snow, repeat with some wind. We did have a drought this summer so this is helping with the moisture deficit. The streams are rolling pretty good with all of the water everywhere, and there have been power outages as well. The snow here is so much wetter than Colorado’s powder that falls from the sky. Luckily, the place where I now live gets very little, if any, snow. I’m good with that. I also will not have to drive to work much longer either. That’s pretty good too!

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