It’s Five P.M. It’s Dark.

The final blow to the season is that annoying twice-yearly ritual…the time change. It brings a realness to winter’s pending smack of reality this time of year…the same as it opens the curtain for the new season approaching.

Yes, it is dark at 5:00 and it will get darker earlier until Winter Solstice. Mid-December in these here parts it will be dark around 4:30 or so and stay that way until 8:00 A.M. or so. It’s a pretty good trade-off for the long days we enjoy in mid-Spring/Summer/mid-Fall. It’s nice to have long days when the weather is decent and there are hours of recreation possible after work. You can really maximize your weekends with such long days.

The snow is starting to fall and in decent amounts in some parts of the state. Over in the Cascades there has been reports of some decent accumulation on the news in the last few weeks so I know the skiers and riders are Jonesing to hit the slopes. Snow has been falling in the Olympics and on the east side as well.

Winter is well on it’s way.

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