The day for my much-anticipated surgery has come and gone. Here’s a quick update.

After a short night of sleeping I woke up and got ready for the procedure both physically and mentally. The physical prep is always easier than the mental readiness.

The mental prep I was actually quite good with after all given what was set to happen in surgery. No longer was I freaking out and scared to do it. I was quite relaxed and comfortable.

At the hospital I was checked in and stuck with needles. Then they REALLY snuck one in on me. As I was sitting there in a wheelchair in the operating room after a hit of Xanax in my IV, I was waiting to be told to get up and get on the table. Next thing I know I am in recovery and didn’t know what the hell happened to me.

After going through all of the process, the doctor came in and told us that what he went in to remove had actually disappeared. Gone. History. NOT THERE! Wow, what a surprise to all of us. I wasn’t sure to take it as good news or bad at the time (anaesthesia, you know) but it appeared as good news and the doctor seemed fine with it after looking over the area for 45 minutes. I saw the video and pictures of it a while back so we all know it was there. And now it’s gone.

Yeah I had to do all the preparations mentally and physically, went through being put out under general anaesthesia, but recuperation will not be as long or as difficult with this discovery so it is great news all around. Yes, I will be having very frequent check-ups for a while and you can bet your ass that I am more than fine with that.

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