October 11th, 2017

It was back to work yesterday. My back finally has loosened up quite a bit and it is sure nice to be up and around and nearly back to normal. Not getting the full surgery was a relief and helped with a speedier recovery.

Myself and a couple of guys from work went to a concert last night at the Neptune Theater. The band is an Australian band called King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It was a good show from an interesting band. The Neptune was built in 1921 if I remember correctly. Looking around the building my concert days from the 80s in the Uptown Theater in Kansas City came flashing back to me.

I really like old buildings, and those old theaters are my favorite. I got to see and put on shows in some really interesting old theaters all over the country and it was cool to see a new one. A few years back I saw Bob Dylan at the Moore here in Seattle and that was a beautiful place to see a show in as well. This was a small place, old but well-kept for it’s age.

I have still not gotten a firm end date for my season yet, but it is looking like it will probably be October 31. I have mixed emotions about it at the moment; I’d like some time off but the benefits and money are always useful. I have a trip to KS soon but I’m ready for a journey with the Scotty. Time’s running out and I’ll need to winterize it soon. I should have enough time to do that if I am done the end of October. I really need to go visit a few friends here in WA so I can get some visiting in with people while traveling in the trailer.

Having this (non-)surgery out of the way now frees up some energy to work on some other stuff that I need to deal with. It’s always good to clear something off of the list and this was one big checkmark.


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