Two Days…

Wednesday morning I have my surgery so I probably won’t be posting for a few days.

Or at least until I am not on pain meds.

Suffice it to say I am more than a little bit nervous, but I really want to get this over and done. There’s no getting out of it so getting past it is the next best thing.

The past few days has been even more anxious. My nose started getting an infection and after a trip to the Walk-in Clinic I had to call the surgeon to even make sure we would still be a go with Wednesday. My face is swollen and the pressure is giving me a headache so it is not just a little boo-boo on my finger. It is concerning enough that they gave me a prescription for it.

I had made hotel reservations near the hospital and didn’t want to lose that money on top of Meghan flying in to help me out. There is a lot depending on his answer, and that’s all secondary to the fact it, quite simply, has to be done.

Late this afternoon the doctor finally said “No worries” so now my focus is back on just getting it done and recuperating. I have a week off work to recover, and I really hope that is long enough. My guess is I may have a little time of the proverbial “light duty” afterwards too.

So now, I just have to concentrate on relaxing. I need to sleep the next two nights and get some rest so I am ready to recover. Yes, I do have a few concerns but the doctor sounded positive about it at the consultation.

I just hope he has decaf that morning! No shakiness, please!

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