A Long-Ass Week is Done

I have been working lots of OT this week on top of working the holiday. I was really hoping things would be slowing down but it just isn’t happening quite yet. Going to be a good paycheck though!

The whole damn state is on fire and every county has been deemed a state of emergency by the governor. I had ash on my truck this morning. One guy at work even had to come in from the field the smoke affected his lungs so badly. I have my inhalers handy!

Morning Sun in the Smoke

Yes, that is the sun around 9:00 A.M. this morning. There are usually mountains visible beyond the ones here.

As you can see, this is not a good day to be outside. I’ll probably be inside all day tomorrow as well; the weather outlook is bad and may be even worse tomorrow. I can smell the smoke in my apartment and if this continues tomorrow I may have to go to a hotel someplace.

It is, however, finally the weekend for me. We will hopefully be switching back to normal weekends off in the next few weeks. My crew is filtering out, headed back to college after a great season. Visitors are back home and the trees are changing colors. Summer appears to be on its way out the door in a hurry.

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