A Few Movies – August 23rd, 2017

I have gotten some movies from the library I have not seen before and thought I would share my impressions. I tend to gravitate towards more of the independent films since they are not as boring as Big Hollywood and tend to take rewarding chances with ideas.

“Road, Movie”, a film from India, was pretty good. No big climactic scene, but one to see once.

The Johnny Depp movie “Black Mass” was pretty intense and dark and he played the character  of James “Whitey” Bulger like I have never seen him act before.

“Everything is Illuminated” is a quirky, interesting film. It is kind of dark and brooding, but not so much to make it unwatchable. Elijah Wood is really good in it, but his character has this weirdness…

“The Highest Pass” is another movie set in India. It’s about a motorcycle ride with a modern guru in India and the group takes a journey across the highest drivable pass in the world on 250cc Royal Enfield motorcycles.

I have a few more indie movies yet to watch along with some concert movies. I already watched Quadrophenia Live – a concert by The Who where they do what is one of their best albums (in my opinion) live in its entirety. It was a really good show and watching Roger Daltrey (one of the greatest voices in rock) react to footage of Keith Moon and John Entwistle was touching. Also on hand to watch are George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh and a Nirvana show called Live at the Paramount.

No, I don’t have a particular affinity for movies made in India. I just like the indies, and when they seem like something interesting I watch them no matter where they are made.


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