I Had a Few Interesting Things Happen Lately

For one, I was talking to some visitors – a mom and four kids aged from around eighteen  to about nine. They were really nice people and asked a lot of questions about a lot of things. I was showing them some local plants and I waded into the growth and all of a sudden SMACK! Something hit me across the ass!

I turned around and I see the three oldest and the mom with eyes wide open and their hands across their mouths. I look down, and the nine-year-old is standing behind me. The mom said “OH MY GOD!!! YOU JUST SMACKED HIM ACROSS THE ASS!!!”!

Needless to say I was stunned and wasn’t sure how to respond to that. She responded to her mom saying she was trying to kill a horsefly that was going to bite my ass. I started laughing and then they all did too. I reassured the girl, little Olive with long pigtails, that I wasn’t mad and I appreciated her help.

I was at an outdoor concert with some friends and was standing there, in the grass, minding my own business and enjoying some live music. A female voice suddenly says to me “Here…hold these.”.

Instinctively I hold my hands out and a beer lands in each of them. Why I just put my hands out I am not sure, but it might have been the beers I already had myself that were affecting my judgement. I look at the beers and then turn and look to see who it was and I notice that all of my friends are sitting down. This woman was a complete stranger and had ventured into the wrong group.

I guess thee things happening to me gives me something to blog about so it’s not all bad!

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