Today I got the keys for the apartment.

This is kind of exciting for me since I have had housing provided to me everywhere I have worked the last five years.

It is also very strange at the same time. In my first posts I said how I had gotten rid of everything. I have no bed, no furniture, no dishes (other than the ones in the trailer)…really all I have to set up a house are my pots and pans and utensils and my giant TV. I really did not need all the stuff I got rid of and it was not very practical to haul it all across the country not knowing where I was going to end up.

A lady at work is giving me a spare bed and some end tables she has to get rid of so that will help out. She is going to see if she has anything else to part with as well. Looks like a trip to the store (or Amazon!) in the near future to score a few housewares!

I walked around while waiting for the landlady to show up with the keys and checked out my new surroundings a little. Chinese next door (got the menu!), pizza, and Mexican restaurants – check! There’s a bar a few hundred feet away (I have heard they have midget wrestling!) – check! Burgers and more bars a little farther walk…yeah, I think I’m gonna like this place. While wandering about I stopped by the local Visitor Center for info on the area that I was not aware of and also got my new Post Office Box. Only thing left is the moving!

Moving. Ugh…hauling all that stuff up stairs. Not looking forward to that but once I do it then it will be done since I plan on being here a while. Still have to keep my storage unit mainly because of my canoe though (toolboxes and trailer/truck parts too), but there is a lake nearby to paddle the canoe around so that is cool!

I am really looking forward to having my own kitchen again. I started to really enjoy trying to cook new things and am excited to cook even more stuff. Yeah, I like to go out and eat (and I will with these places so close) but I will be making more stuff myself. It sure saves a lot of money plus it is rewarding when it turns out good. Kinda sucks when it don’t though!

It’s getting more exciting as it unfolds!



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