August (already) 2nd, 2017

I am trying to get started moving in but it’s a bit hot here for a few days. No…it’s damn hot, actually. That’s slowing me down a little, but I guess I only got the keys Monday. It has also been very busy at work and I’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours as well (I worked fourteen hours yesterday). I finally have a two-day weekend this week and I really need it.

Today was busy. A trip to the Apple Store then back over to Port Townsend to get my repaired hearing aid. It was extremely smoky from the fires in British Columbia. I didn’t stay long because I wanted to get back and get some things done. That didn’t pan out quite as well as I had hoped…let me explain.

I stopped to look at a microwave for the apartment. I went outside after shopping and while putting my items in my truck this old dude said something about Craters of the Moon after he saw my shirt from the park that I was wearing. He talked and talked and then talked some more. Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I was hungry and needed to get back to where I am staying until I move. I hated to cut him off since I really needed to go, but I listened to him and we had an interesting conversation that was quite the diverse one. I think he was lonely and just wanted to talk and that was cool. If I’d had more time I woulda just sat down and chatted some more with him. He was 83+ years old and was quite educated. It was a good time and we both left with a smile. Maybe I’ll run into him again.

So I went down the road to my apartment and dropped off a few things after eating at the Chinese restaurant next door to my apartment. I can see right now that it is going to be a frequent place. It was very good…and it’s a dive! My favorite!

I also picked up a bus schedule so I can figure out how to get to the airport from home without driving! That’ll be awesome if I don’t have to drive there. Seattle traffic really sucks. I actually have never used the Transit feature in Apple Maps so I just tried it and it just told me what bus to ride! The bus website has a trip planner as well so bases are  covered! That’s pretty damn cool. It takes just a little bit longer but I won’t have to drive!

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